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Goya Symphony Orchestra premiered my last piece for orchestra “Images from the inside” during its last October concert series in different Spanish cities.

The piece was commissioned by the orchestra and it is dedicated to my grandmother, Pilar Fradejas Abadía, in memoriam, who recently passed away.

“Images from the inside” is a fantasy for orchestra, which pretends to go to the inside of the listener in order to arouse, evoke and prompt different emotions, feelings and even music “images”, different and unique for each listener.

The program also included Beethoven’s Triple Concerto, with soloists Alejandro Bustamente (violin), Fernando Arias (cello), Ángel Luis Quintana (cello) and José Enrique Bagaría (piano) and Brahms’ First Symphony. The orchestra was conducted by its principal conductor, José Vicente Pardo Bellido.

This was a very special premiere for me because of the fantastic orchestra and the excellent musicians and also because this piece is dedicated to a very loved one.

Here is the video of the premiere at the Mozart Hall of Zaragoza Auditorium (Spain). More videos will be released soon so stay tuned!

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