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CAPACITADOS, new TV Documentary Series for TVE (Spanish National Television) directed by Javier Calvo, produced by OVIDEO and sponsored by Fundacion ONCE, for which I composed its original music.

Some well known names, as Carmen Machi, Roberto Soldado, Rudy Fernández, David Bisbal, Javier Limón, etc., along with some people with disabilities are the main characters of this TV series.

Very interesting and beautiful project for which I had to compose different music than what I have done so far. Music that wouldn’t have been possible without the amazing team that worked with me on this project. Musicians: Carles Delgado (guitars), Alejandro Zorrilla (bass), Amparo Edo Biol (French Horn and assisting work), Maureen Choi (violin) and Jon Lewis (cello). Special mention also to the mixing and mastering engineer Guillermo Marín, who has done an extraordinary job.

You can watch the complete first season HERE (only in Spanish).

Also, check the music I wrote for this series in its credits PAGE.

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