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I have been selected as one of the five Nominees and Finalists at the 2011 Jerry Goldsmith Awards in the Best Free Creation category with my Ballet “Futile”.

The Jerry Goldsmith Awards are one of the most important film music awards with several categories internationally recognized. They have eight categories: Best Film Soundtrack, Short Film, Animation, Documental, Commercials, Promotion, Song and Best Free Creation, category in which I have been selected as nominee this year.

The Awards Ceremony will be held on July, 22nd during the celebration of the VII International Film Music Festival “City of Ubeda” (Spain) in which some of the most recognized film composers of these days will be present as: Alberto Iglesias, Bruno Coulais, Christopher Lenertz, Pascal Gaigne, Gabriel Yared, Bear McCreary and Óscar Araujo, among others.

I am really happy and excited about this nomination, specially being my Ballet “Futile” the work nominated. This Ballet was premiered at the Principal Theater of Zaragoza (Spain) in April and May as a commission by LaMov Dance Company, a professional contemporary dance company and one of the most active companies in Spain, being a great success. One of the most beautiful projects I have worked on so that makes this nomination even more special.

I want to thank to all the people who was involved in this project because they did an extraordinary job and also I would like to thank to LaMov Dance Company for the commission. This recognition is also for them!

You can listen to excerpts from the ballet HERE.

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