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Last weekend, April 29 and 30 and May 1, my Ballet “Futile” was premiered at the Principal Theater of Zaragoza (Spain) as part of the LaMov Dance Company’s new show “DOS” (Two).

The show has two parts or main choreographies: “Consecuencias” (Consequences) with a choreography by Francisco Lorenzo (Principal Dancer of the Spanish National Dance Company) and “Futile” with choreography by Víctor Jiménez (Director and main choreographer of LaMov Dance Company).

The music of “Futile”, originally composed for this show, has been a big challenge for me because it had to represent and express different human feelings without a plot or a story to tell. “Futile” is based on a picture by Will McBride from 1969, titled “Overpopulation” which shows the idea of crowd, confusion, sobriety and desperation of a society.

I had the opportunity of working with an excellent team of musicians and recording and mixing engineers: Naseem Khalil Alatrash, cello (Palestina); Marina Satti, soprano (Greece); Maureen Choi, violin (USA); Daniel Pantoja, flutes (Brazil); the recording engineer Guillermo Marín and mixing engineer Vanessa Garde who assisted me on the final steps of the programming and did all the mixes. They all did a stunning job!

You can listen to excerpts from the ballet HERE.

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